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Minis Ballet Program

Our preschool/daycare program was specifically designed with our youngest dancers (ages 3-5) in mind.  Our creative movement lessons include games, props, and a little imagination to teach basic ballet vocabulary and classical ballet positions and movements. The LPBC lessons grow dancers' self-awareness, confidence, and character to prepare them for a perfect final performance. With our minis, ballet class is always filled with excitement and magical surprises, just around the next twirl. 

School Directors:
Why partner with us to offer ballet at your school?

  • #1 Reason: Families LOVE everything about our program!

  • Short term time-commitment (our sessions are 12 weeks or less)

  • Less expensive than most dance studio fees

  • Familiar setting - with classes right at school, it's so convenient for families and comfortable for kids

  • Students dance out their wiggles and expend some energy (we promise better naps will be one result!).

  • Offers an enrichment opportunity in the performing arts to your families

  • Provides students an environment for physical and social-emotional learning, self-expression, and an opportunity to practice listening skills, following directions, self-awareness, body control, patience, and team work

  • Builds confidence, character, and grace in children

Contact us at to learn more and discover what we can do for your school and your students!

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