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The stars of the show...
and our hearts 

We love our little dancers, and it shows.

The LPBC ballet class is a magical space where children are excited to try new things and be themselves because they feel supported and cared for as a person. We take the time to get to know your child and build relationships with families because that is what really matters most. Whether it's practicing plies and tendus or using scarves to pretend as we dance like princesses, princes, or even toads, our lessons are imaginative and fun. They open children's imaginations and potential to help them reach for their goals--on stage and in life! Ballet students blossom through our structured dance lessons, and it's always amazing to see the confidence they find in themselves through the beauty of ballet and the accomplishment of performance.


We know your little one means the world to you. Why not give them the opportunity to reach for the stars with us?

Contact your child's school for specific details about the Le Petit Ballet Co. program available to your family. And if Le Petit Ballet Co. does not currently have classes at your child's school, reach out to your director to suggest partnering with us to offer classes!

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