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Petites Ballet Program
(Elementary: K, 1st, 2nd)

Kindergarten, first and second grade students always say they can't wait for "ballet day"! They love our exciting dance lessons that grow them as dancers and prepare them for a magical performance. Through structured lessons, silly games and fun props, dancers learn ballet terms (yes, in French!) while having fun. Our petites build listening skills and body control, as well as develop character and self-esteem. Our elementary aged students dancers grow so much throughout the session, finally leaving our performance with an amazing sense of accomplishment and pride. It’s all an experience they will never forget—a dream come true!

School Directors:
Why partner with us to offer ballet at your school?

  • #1 Reason: Families LOVE everything about our program!

  • Short term time-commitment (our sessions are 12 weeks or less)

  • Less expensive than most dance studio fees

  • Familiar setting - with classes right at school, it's so convenient for families and comfortable for kids

  • Students dance out their wiggles and expend some energy in a healthy way!

  • Offers a high quality, safe, in-school or after-school enrichment opportunity in the performing arts to your families

  • Provides students an environment for physical and social-emotional learning, self-expression, and an opportunity to practice listening skills, following directions, self-awareness, body control, patience, and team work

  • Builds confidence, character, and grace in children

  • Gives families a path to becoming more involved in school, especially important for bilingual families who may struggle connecting with the school

  • Motivates high attendance and low behavior issues during the school day among participants

Contact us at to learn more and discover what we can do for your school and your students!

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