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At Le Petit Ballet Co., our mission is to share the beauty and joy of ballet with ALL types of children who dream of being a ballerina or dancer. We strongly believe that arts education brings immense joy, peace, and personal growth that is meant for everyone, regardless of background, gender, ability, or socio-economic status. 


We are an organization committed to a purpose—promoting change in our children, community, and the world through ballet, showing love and support for children, and building character and confidence. As part of our ambitious mission, we give back as much as we can to communities with fewer resources and opportunities. This may include a discount for families and/or a payment plan. We don't want any child to miss out on discovering the joy of ballet and a new passion for dance because of finances. 

Your part: Become an LPBC "From the Heart" supporter or sponsor in one of two ways--directly sponsoring children to take ballet classes whose families may not be able to afford it, or support our purpose with a donation to LPBC to help offset the discount we can provide. We know you care about children too and about the arts in your community. The difference you will make in the lives of little dancers is immeasurable.

Contact us for more information about how you can partner with us to support or sponsor our dancers and program. Coming soon: Our partners receive a monthly digital newsletter, "From the Heart" which highlights what our organization is doing, how we are growing, and where your gift is going, so you can follow along with our journey and growth. Sponsors may also receive invitations to LPBC special events.  

For more information, contact our Founder and Director, Jennifer Burcham-Flores.

Contact: LPBC Director, Jennifer Burcham-Flores


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